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Sunset Anglers Bylaws

1. All Pennsylvania Fish and boat laws will apply at all club functions.
2. Life vest will be worn at all times when the boat is under gas power.
3. There must be at least four boats to conduct an official tournament.
4. A tournament limit is 10 fish, 5 per member and each member will weigh their fish separately.
5. All boats will have some sort of aeration system.
6. There will be an 8 oz. Deduction for each dead fish.
7.The tournament director reserves the right to disallow any questionable fish.
8. There will be a 1lb. Deduction for a short fish. Two short fish is automatic disqualification.
9. Total weight will determine the order of finish. If a tie occurs, lunker fish of the teams in the tie will be the tiebreaker.
10. Non-members may fish with a member as long as the member contacts a club officer one week prior to a tournament for approval. A $15.00 fee applies subject to change by members vote.
11. Any members late for the official start of a tournament must find the Tournament Director before fishing.
12. A member can fish alone for $20.00 and $5.00 lunker fee, but can only weigh in 5 fish.
13. All decisions of the Tournament Director are final.
14. Any member that either fishes or places for any prize in a professional or semi- professional tournament can be terminated from the club by a majority vote of the officers and executive board members. An applicant can also be denied membership into the club on a case by case basis.
15. The use of any sonar device, which offers the ability to see underwater, is prohibited the day of the tournament.
16. Any member that fishes with a non-member has the responsibility of explaining the club's rules and bylaws to the non-member.
17. Lunker fees will be decided by the members before the start of a tournament. Both anglers in the boat must participate.
18. A member's son or daughter (up to the age 16) may fish with them for a $10.00 fee per tournament.
19. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified from the tournament and will be automatically ejected from the club.
20. Anyone caught fishing before the official start time will be disqualified from the tournament.
21. The use of only one pole per person at one time is allowed.

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