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Sunset Anglers

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Club Bylaws
Club Officers

Any bylaw amendment or new bylaw must be brought to the body of Sunset Anglers at the regular slated meeting in January and voted on at the February meeting. A standing 2/3 majority membership vote is required to adopt or change a bylaw.
                                Duties of club officers
It shall be the duty of the president to preside and preserve order at the meetings of the club, to appoint all committees, and to preform such duties as ordinarily pertains to this office. He or she shall have the power to call special meetings and shall serve as ex-offico member of all committees.
Vice President:
It shall be the duty of the Vice President to preside and perform all duties in the absence of the President.
It shall be the duty of the secretary to keep a record of all proceedings of all meetings, to keep a register of all members and a roll call when requested. He or she shall keep a record of all committees and their business, keep a copy of the bylaws with all amendments to it and preform all dutied asked of them from time to time.
It shall be the duty of the treasurer to act as the custodian for all monies of the club and deposit such funds in a non-profit account under the club name Sunset Anglers. They shall make a report of the clubs finances at each meeting when called upon and shall be responsible for paying all vouchers approved by the club. The club's books shall be audited monthly by the officers.
Tournament Director:
It shall be the duty of the Tournament Director to conduct all club Tournaments and apply for all Lake Permits.
It shall be the duty of the webmaster to maintain the club's homepage and its links integrity, maintain a current copy of the clubs bylaws on the website, and preform routine maintenance and back ups of all material contained on the website.
Club assets/property:
Any property purchased by Sunset Anglers during the initial forming of the club (2003-2004) will become the property of the last active charter member of aforementioned club.
By-laws are subject to change at the officers discretion.